10 Things to know before Buying a Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset Buying Guide:10 Things to know before Buying a Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets come with so many features and varieties nowadays, that you might find it difficult to choose the correct one. Worse, these manufacturers frequently use jargons in such a way; you start to believe you need everything of those in your headset.


But think once again... Do you need all of those features in your headphone?I think we all know the answer.

In this article, we have come up with an essential Gaming Headset Buying Guide.We will explain all the things that will help  you to choose the best gaming headset.

10 Important factors of Best PC Gaming Headsets

Let's start with the 3 most important factors.I think you will agree with me if I say, Sound QualityComfort and Pricing are the three most important factors of a headset.

Let me explain each of these factors a bit more.

#1.Sound Quality

What is the first thing you look in a headset? ..Sound quality...right? Everyone does that. There is no point of spending even a penny on a headphone if it is not of a good quality.

But what do you mean by that "Good Quality".That depends entirely on how you like to listen to your music. Sound quality can be categorized into High Level Bass,Natural Balanced more or a little bit of both. Based on your taste you would generally pick one of these categories.

But what do you mean by that "Good Quality".That depends entirely on how you like to listen to your music. Sound quality can be categorized into High Level Bass,Natural Balanced more or a little bit of both. Based on your taste you would generally pick one of these categories.


This is something which people realize after it is too late. If you want to use your headphone for prolonged hours, then "comfort" is one important factor you must consider.When we are talking about comfort, there are three specific elements, Weight, ear cups, and headband. Heavyweight headbands will not be suitable for long hours, and if the ear cups are too tight, you will instantly be irritated.

Weight and Earcups are the two things; manufacturers give a lot of stress. Thanks to the R&D team and online reviews.So most of these headphones are amazingly comfortable to use for long hours.

Of course, you will have to pay to premium prices for these as well, which will bring our last factor of three .... price.


The most important of all. In fact, this is one factor which will influence the other factors as well. But before you invest too much on a costly headphone,ensure if the headphone is a worthy one from a reputed manufacturer.Compare with all the earphones offered by other reputed manufacturers. And most importantly, check on the warranty services as headphones are not known for having a long life.

Best PC Gaming Headsets- What Else You Should Know

You know so many terms like Surround Sound, Equalizer and so many others.Now these words make sense if we talk about Home Theater systems or any other music software.But how about headphones?How would you explain surround system in a headphone?

We had our doubts too.. we have done our research and let's see what he have found out. 

#4.Stereo Sound vs Surround Sound

The sound system in headsets can be of two types either Stereo or Surround System. Stereo sound is very common to us. There will be two speakers -Right and Left.And the output will be the combination of these two.

On the other head, before explaining the surround system, let's look what is actually surround sound means in case of a typical home theater.


Sensitivity is a measurement of how loud a headset will produce sound at a particular power level.It is measured in decibels per milliwatt and power from your computer and other devices displayed in volts.

But in true sense, the results are not very consistent, as the results may vary for different manufacturers, So I would say, do not focus too much on the sensitivity factor.


Drivers are the two small speakers inside the headset.Drivers can come into many sizes like 20 mm 30 mm and  so on.But the important thing to remember is,bigger drivers doesn't necessarily mean the sound quality will be good. It will depend on so many other things like the quality of the material,size of the ear cups, how these drivers have been fine-tuned and so on.

#7. Equalisation

You might have noticed this in any music player.It is an option which allows you to manually adjust specific frequency ranges to achieve different types of sound.The same goes for your headsets as well.Headset companies provide an EQ option alongside their presets through which you can accomplish any optimum level of sound quality you are looking.


There are mainly two types of connectors. One is 3.5 mm jack and the other is USB port. Apart from these, there is also something called Optical connection. But optical connections are not very popular among the buyers we will not discuss much in detail in this article.

Let's start with the 3.5 mm jacks now. As you know, these are very common and can be used in any devices be it your laptops, desktops, mobiles or even in Smart Televisions as well.However, if you ask about any negative point, I would say the if the build quality is not good you will surely notice performance issue, because 3.5 mm jacks has analogue connection.So sound quality will be dependent on the build quality too some extent as well.

USB ports has the digital connecttion and are designed for audio use only.USB port based devices are more expensive than the 3.5 mm devices because of the superior sound quality it offers.

#9.Gaming Headset Mics

Gaming hedsets mainly use unidirectional mic which means it will pickup sound patterns only from a single direction.Although, this is not a negative factor, having bi-directional mics would be a great advantage. Because bidirectional mics pick up noise from the front and back and helps in noise cancellation to a great extent. It also boosts your voice as well.
Noise cancellation technology requires the use of advanced technology and circuits.So these type of headsets will come in a premium price.

#10.Open & Closed-Back Headsets

Closed-back headphones can restrict external noise entering and internal noise leaving your cans; wherein Open-back headsets come You'll be able to hear any noises going on around.
Now you can easily understand the benefits as from this.But still, to make it clear, closed back, headphones can give you distraction-free game environment.

Now that you know, what are the things to consider before buying a gaming headset let's look some of the Best pc gaming headsets.

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