Steel Series ARCTIS 7 Review

Steel Series ARCTIS 7-Best All Purpose Gaming Headset-Complete Review

We already explained in our article Best PC Gaming Headsets 2018  that Arctis 7 is a perfect all purpose wireless gaming headset.Be it the quality of sound, stylish look or reasonable price range, Arctis 7 has all these quality and features.In this article, we will do a complete review of Arctis 7-The Best all purpose Gaming Headset.


Quick Analysis-Arctis 7


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    Surround Sound
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    Good Fittings
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    Wireless connectivity.
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    Affordable Price


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    Music Customization is time consuming.
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    Speaker functionality is average. 


Let's start with the features

#Wireless Headset: Arctis 7 is a wireless headset.All you need to do is plug wireless ampflifier into USB port of your laptop or desktop and let it pair with headset. You will get the same crystal clear sound even from the 30 feet distance.

#SteelSeries Engine 3 Software: let;s you customize the mic options as well in addition to the customize sound profile.One major change over the Arctis 5 is that it has no colored RGB lights on the ear cups.

#Dedicated Library Section: Keep a track of all the sound profiles that you have created. Artics 7 has a dedicated library sections where all the customized sound profiles are saved.The same goes for your mouse and keyboard settings as well.You can see all the three settings in one place. Very useful if you use  different settings for different types of games.

#Flexible Mic: Just like the Arctis 5, Arctis 7 also has retractable, flexible mic in the left ear cup,which is perfect for capturing crystal clear sound.


Arctis 7 and Arctis 5 are nearly look alike.The headset is sleek and sophisticated.It has foolproof adjustable headband, which are flexible enough to to fit with the shape and size of your head.

Credit: SteelSeries

The headphone comes in Black or white colour. While it is bigger than the most regular size gaming headsets, it is still portable and fit inside your laptop just well.

Power button is in the right ear cup.It also has chat volume slider on the right side, where as the regular volume slide in on the left ear.Left ear has a micro USB port as well for charging.There is another port that connects to 3.5 mm audio jacks in case you want to use it mobile phones.Which means, you can enjoy the music even if doesn't have charge or power left, just by plugging into mobile phones.


The elastic band is the major comforting feature in Arctis 7 headset.The device is extremely light-weight,only 9.9 ounces.Just like the other headsets the ear cups fits tightly around the ears but unlike the other headsets you won't feel uncomfortable after half an hour of usage or so.

Credit: SteelSeries

Music Performance

Though music feature is something you should not look into a gaming headset.There are different headsets for that available in the market.But you could definitely use Arctis 7 as a regular music headset for daily use.Though the the surround and stereo modes have been defined as music presets,you might still have to struggle to find out the right balance of surround-sound and equalization options for each genre of music.

Gaming Performance

Finally the most important factor and the reason you bought this headphone for....Gaming performance.

Credit: SteelSeries

Arctis 7 comes with multiple equalization options supported by its stereo and DTS 7.1 surround system.With  many equalization options you can configure it perfectly for playing different types of games or music according to your choice.

Arctis 7 works perfectly well with the  PS4 or Xbox One by simply plugging the audio jack into the controller if you are willing to let go the surround sound feature.We have tested the headset for playing Wild Hunt, StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops and  Overwatch and it won our heart instantly.


Wireless Headsets are costly investments.There are hundreds of gaming headsets out there which can easily cost you a fortune. But Arctis 7 is somewhere a balance between them.If you have a limited budget but still want to go for a wireless gaming headset, with surround sound and customized music functionality,this is the one you would want to buy.And if you are interested in exploring some more Best Gaming Headsets check out our detailed article Best PC Gaming Headsets 2018-Picks for PCs,PS4, XBOX and Nintendo.

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