Best Bug Deflectors of 2018

Best Bug Deflectors for Car 2018 with Buyer’s Guide

Though many of you will deny it,but bug deflectors have been proven to be very useful when it comes to getting rid of bug from car windshield.In this article, we have made a list of Top 10 Best Bug Deflectors for your car.


But before that...

What is a Bug Deflector and What it does actually?

The usability of bug defectors has always been on question.Where some people find it extremely effective against flying bugs directly hitting in the windshield while they are driving,especially at night.Some people don't find it useful enough.

It is really difficult to understand how a bug deflector can solve this problem. After all, It is just a small piece of plastic wrapped around your vehicle's hood.

But in reality, it really helps for bug problems provided it is properly designed to work the way it should be.

So...How does a Bug Deflector Work Actually??

Bug deflector creates an upstream of air so that the bugs get swept up and over the vehicle rather than hitting your windshield.It is as simple as that.Bug deflectors are designed specifically for this purpose so that they can change the direction of airflow.But that doesn't mean once you install this none of the bugs will hit your car windshield ever.But chances will be highly reduced.

Bug Deflectors have mainly two functionalities:

  1. To get rid of the unwanted bugs by changing the direction of airflow.
  2. To prevent your car from small rocks,dirt and mud to some extent.

But..How will know which Bug Deflector will be perfect for your car?Keep reading to find out the Buyer's Guide for Car Bug Deflector.

In this section,we will answer some of the  Frequently Asked Questions about the Bug Deflectors.

Do Bug Deflectors cause reduction in Gas Mileage?

To some extent, yes.But the effect will not put a hole in your pocket.According to various studies done on this have proved, that adding a bug deflector will likely to reduce your gas mileage only by 1-3%.

Do Bug Deflectors protect from Rocks and Sand?

Well, if you are talking about small rocks and sand finding its way towards your car windshield, the, sure it helps.But it won't be that effective against  chips or cracks.

Do All Bug Deflectors are that good and effective?

The effectiveness of a bug deflector,in many ways, depends on how it is designed.Some bug deflectors are scientifically designed,wind tunnel tested to see if they are good enough the change the airflow direction.The proper aerodynamic design of bug deflector is the key factor here.Unfortunately, not all the bug deflectors take care of this most important factor 

Buyer's Tip

Make Sure it fits your vehicle.Select the correct bug deflector by Vehicle Year, Make and Model only.

Top 10 Best Bug Deflectors for Cars

Now.let's find out what are the top 10 best car deflectors that are rocking the market in 2018.

AVS Car Deflector-Best Products Reviewed

The best bug deflector in the market.Cleverly designed to protect your car and give an aerodynamic sleek appearance.Easy to install, remove and clean.Backed by the limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.This product has over 125 reviews from the users and received 4+ stars on a scale of 5.

Why is AVS Smoke Bugflector  on top position in our List?

  • check
    A high quality product made of a high-grade acrylic material.Thick enough to be extra strong yet flexible enough.Acrylic material holds the smoke colour for longer period of time.
  • check
    Safe for car wash.Specially made for easy cleaning and waxing.
  • check
    Installation period-less than 10 minutes.The hood shield is mounted with a double-sided 3M tape for extra durability
  • check
    Damage Resistance.
  • check
    Sleek aerodynamic appearance.Makes your vehicle look classy.
  • check
    Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.

Highest selling hood from EGR. It comes in a  fade and impact resistant automotive grade acrylic capped ABS which both deflects and protects your car from those unwanted flying bugs.

Wrapping it Up

Are bug deflector really worth buying?Many believes that bug spending money on bug deflector is a bad investment.But are you really willing to pay for windshield cleaning every time you go repair shop?Why not to save hundred of dollars in future just by paying a small amount upfront.

And even if you don't believe that bug deflectors work,you surely can't ignore the fact that Bug deflectors give a classy look to your vehicle.May be, that could be the reason strong enough to go for it.

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