Best Electric Wine Openers-Buyer’s Guide

This article is a detailed guide on Best Electric Wine openers.

Opening the wine bottle using a Corkscrew can be pain sometimes.And if it gets stuck in between then God Help You. Pulling a cork out of a bottle might seem like a pretty simple task. Over the last few years we have seen various form of Wine Openers -like  Traditional Screwpull ,Wine Keys & Waiter Corkscrews,Winged,Lever Corkscrews and so many others.But electric wine opener surely beats them all.

Not only it has an edge over other wine opener corkscrews,it has gained major popularity among buyers and become one of the most selling wine related products online.


Here in this post we have listed some of the Best Electric Wine Opener of 2018.

How We Have Come Up with this List?

We Have gone the through most selling wine openers,analyzed and compared the features, studied the reviews-both positive and negative, and considered the overall ratings to come up with this list of Best Electric Wine Openers. However,we keep on updating this list based on the new items launched and their performance reviews from time to time.So next time you may see a different list also when you visit this page.

So...What is Electric Wine Openers?Why Should you use it?

While the traditional corkscrew works just fine not everyone is comfortable with it and eventually look for better alternatives.And that is where electric wine openers come in handy.

Though you will not find many people using it, especially in hotels, you will still see waiters opening the wine bottles with traditional corkscrews.And that is okay, because they do it every day.And they are professionals.But with occasional wine parties or celebrations at home, having an electric wine opener will be a blessing.

One more benefit of automatic wine openers is that they’re far advanced to the traditional corkscrews if you have arthritis or problems.Do not forget the fact, that corkscrews can cause a severe amount of stress on your arms and you can easily get injured. .Electric wine openers can surely give you some relief.

How do Electric Wine Openers work?

Before we move into the best selling electric wine openers let's have a look at how electric wine openers work.This video will give you a clear picture.

What are the factors you should consider before buying an electric wine bottle opener? 

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    Size:Electric wine openers are bigger in size compared to the regular corkscrews.Especially, the ones which are electric version because they have a charging base attached to them. So make sure, you put this where you don't have to move it frequently.

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    Style:Electric corkscrews available in a variety of colors or provide a beautiful lighting effect when in operation.So you have plenty of choice to select from.Select the one that goes with your kitchen colour and style.
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    Cost:There are both costly and budget electric wine openers available in the market.Offcourse, the costlier ones are loaded with more features,but the budget ones just do the same job perfectly well.So unless you love going after some fancy product and will use it ocassionally, you should pick something according to your budget.
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    Cork Type: Make sure if your wine opener is capable of opening both synthetic and natural corks.
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    Worm Length:Ensure that your wine opener has a worm length at least of 1.75 inches. This should be the si​​​​ze of the worm to remove efficiently of cork in your wine bottle.
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    Durabilty: Don't forget to compare the warranty of all the wine openers before you settle into one.Most electric wine openers give at least one year warranty.However, few products have offered a warranty of five years as well.

Best Electric Wine Openers 

Now that we have discussed the important factors of the electric wine openers let's look at the the list of best electric openers.

#1.Brookstone Electric Wine Opener-Best Space Saving Wine Openers

Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener has the one-touch operation that easily removes wine corks. It works with both natural and synthetic corks. The product comes with a foil cutter built-in the stand as well.It can open up to 150 bottles of wine with a new pair of batteries.4 AA batteries need to be purchased separately.

#2.Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener-Wine Openers with Extra Features

The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Opener makes opening wine bottles easy as well as quite entertaining for your guests home. It is designed for both home and restaurant use.It is equipped with the latest generation battery now opens up to 80 wine bottles on a single with just a gentle push of a button. The Opener is completely cordless and has an elegant recharging base with an LED charging indicator. It comes with a free aerating pourer to enhance aromas and a compact foil cutter to remove wine seals. It can work with both natural and synthetic corks. Few key features of this wines openers are its faster motor speed and its ergonomic rubberized soft grip for effortless handling.

#3.Peugeot Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener-Reliable Build and Quality

This rechargeable electric corkscrew is developed in-house and produced exclusively by Peugeot. Unlike other electric corkscrews, it is much lighter and fits all bottlenecks.You can uncork a bottle effortlessly in a few seconds, and it works well with corks of all types, even the harder synthetic ones. The screw (worm) can be replaced (replacement worm sold separately) if required. Made of stainless steel and polycarbonate, this item is packed in a gift boxed, with an inner presentation/storage box, and comes with the charging unit.

#4.Waring Commercial Electric Wine Opener-Best for High Consumption

This portable electric wine bottle opener is designed with high-performance commercial motor which removes both natural and synthetic corks with ease.The commercial grade forward and reverse motor runs with the easy and quiet operation.With just one full recharge it can remove 120 corks.The package also includes Foil cutter and replacement auger as a bonus.It is fully portable, electric and rechargeable and ETL sanitation approved.

#5.Metrokane E-Rabbit Electric Wine Opener-Best for Easy Operation

A unique one-touch button to instantly remove every type of cork, including plastic as well. And once you're done, just wipe clean the smooth steel exterior.

#6.Food Network Electric Wine Opener-Best for Colorful Kitchens

Available in attractive red and copper option. It can quickly remove both synthetic and natural corks.

#7.Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener-Best for Impressing Guests 

Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener from Ozeri is an European inspired cordless designed electric wine opener. It is available in Black, Red and Silver. Its highly powerful motor can open up to 60 bottles in one recharge. It has a celebrated designed elegant curves that allow it to stand vertically without the use of a separate base or stand.It is a perfect product for home and restaurant use.

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener in Black, with Foil Cutter

#8.Oster Inspire Wine Bottle Opener-Best for the Budget 

The Oster Inspire Wine Bottle Opener lets you remove 30 corks on a single charge.Integrated foil cutter makes the seal removal an easy job.It is available in a Silver, Merlot or Champagne finish; this electric wine bottle opener makes a great gift idea for that wine lover on your list.

This Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener has an attractive stainless steel handle which fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.The transparent shell around the corkscrew mechanism lets you know if the cork has been removed from the bottle.This opener removes the cork in seconds; This wine opener is Built-in with rechargeable battery, opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

If you like to save your corks once you've removed them from the bottles, all you need to do is just one push of the eject button to remove the cork from the screw. Also comes with a foil cutter for easy opening.

A perfect combination of brushed stainless steel accents and a rubberized handset to give this wine opener a nice blend of sleek, modern style. Comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty keeps you covered just in case.

Top 11 Best Selling Electric Wine Openers 

Let's also look at some of the best selling electric wine openers.

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