Best Roof Racks for Cars and SUVs-Best Products Reviewed

Best Roof Racks for Cars and SUVs 2018

Cargo bars are very popular among fun loving people.Especially if you are one of them who love Kayaking,Bicycling.You just load your bicycle or kayak on the rooftop of your truck using best roof rack and you are all set for a relaxing weekend.

Putting heavy loads like Kayak or bicycle directly on rooftop can be risky.Not only there is a chance of getting a dent but also the roof might collapse if you keep on putting heavy items every time.That is where cargo bars or roof racks come in handy.


The biggest advantage of using a cargo bar it is not put on the centre of your car rooftop,rather these are placed on the side of the car roof,thus distributing the load towards the outer side of the vehicle instead of putting the load on the centre. You can easily place your favourite kayak,set of skies,snowboards,cargo box and pretty much anything that you want to carry on with you wherever you go.

Buying a cargo bar can be costly.But imagine the  bill that you would have to pay to the car repair shop  in case your kayak creates a dent on your car rooftop or worse,the rooftop collapses.You will not only have to pay a huge bill to repair or replace it.You will also pay a huge amount for the paint as well.Painful ...right?

That is why, it is always good to make a one time investment on a strong roofrack and enjoy the every moment of your future weekend trips without being worried about how to carry your favourite kayak on your car rooftop.

Top 5 Best Cargo Bars for Trucks and Cars 

Here is the list of top 5 best roof racks of 2018 and what you can get out of them. 

Flush bar is an all utility roof rack bar,where design meets with your vehicle's design to give your car a sleek yet sporty look.Flushbar is designed to take up to 220lb of load.Whispbar racks are all about technology.

What makes Whispbar Flush Bar on top of Our list?

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    PerformaRidge™ design PerformaFill™ technology technology for superior performance.
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    Aerodynamics design for  reducing drag and noise to nearly zero.Enhanced vehicle performance for quiet and fuel saving rides for years.
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    Smartfoot Mounting Kit(sold separately) for seamless attachment to the vehicle.

A basic yet effective roofbar rack for your ultimate satisfaction. This rack comes with 2 58″ bars along with 4 towers which attaches directly into a rail system (if your vehicle already has one). With the weight of just 17 lbs,this will be the best rack to mount bikes, kayaks and cargo containers.

AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Roof Racks from Thule are stylish and aerodynamic. The best feature of this bar is its aerodynamic design.Poorly designed roof racks can reduce vehicle fuel efficiency due to their inability to resist drag against wind.AeroBlades has “airplane wing” styling which just takes care of that.You can also notice the reduction while driving that you have experienced before with the other bar.

Thule AeroBlade Edge Flush Mount Rack-Best Car Racks

AeroBlade Edge works on any existing sliding rails in SUVs or other cars which are already pre-installed. If your vehicle doesn’t come with a sliding rail already, you can get their additional brackets which will work with non-rail roofs as well.

Perfect for those vehicle which already has rails preinstalled.This bar can help in increasing your cargo space.Use this bar to convert the roof side rails into a cross var style cargo rack.This can hold kayak, bikes and so many other things.This is an all aluminium made bar with a weight capacity of 150 lbs.Wide ribbed rubber is coated outside of the bar for the extra solid grip.

Rage Aluminum Locking Vehicle Roof Cargo Bar Pair Fits Roof -Rails up to 50 Apart-Best Car Racks

SportRack SR1002 is an entirely steel made back plastic coated roof rack system built to protect from the rust and harsh UV rays.This is a budget roof bar rack which comes with an everything in one package offer.Which means you will get everything like load bars, hooks, locks and every part that you need.It can be installed into most of the popular vehicles that we have in the market and be fit for any accessories like bikes,skis and kayaks.

SportRack Complete Roof Rack System, Black-Best Car Racks

What to consider before buying a Roof Rack-Buyer's Guide

There are multiple key factors that you must consider before buying a Roof Rack.Let's explain those factors in details.

Carrying Capacity

Roof racks come in different capacities.Depending upon your budget and need you can go up to one which can carry even four sets of skies.

Safety of the Skies or Snowboards in Racks

How safe will your skies be,if you leave those unattended on your car rooftop for a long time.Go for such roof racks which has the locking features.So that you can enjoy your weekend tour without the fear of someone stealing your costly ski racks or snowboards while your are not around.

Go for a multipurpose Roof Rack

Love both Kayaking and skiing both?Keep this in mind, while buying a roof rack.Go for something which is ideal for carrying both of these items.TMS J-Bars are perfect fit for this.

Frequently Asked Question

There are many questions buyers shoot all the time when it comes to buying a car roof rack.Out of all those questions,these are the frequent one.

Can a Roof Rack impact the Car Gas Mileage?

Short and quick answer...yes.Anything on top of the car will reduce the gas mileage for sure.So the best approach will be leave those behind if you are not using.There is no point carrying it round the year,if you are not using them at all.

You can always attach them when the holiday season is up.

What if the car doesn't have roof rails?

Many cars nowadays don't have  pre-installed roof rails.IF that is the case,there are so many after market solutions like Universal Strap-Attached Roof Crossbars which you can try.

Wrapping it Up

Always take into consideration the purpose of buying your roof rack.Buying a roof rack which can carry up to 6 kayaks is good, but it creates an impact on your gas mileage as well.Do not invest on something which you will not use frequently or not use at all.After considering everything, we would suggest for a slim and light roofrack for the ultimate benefit.

Happy Kayaking and snowboarding.