4 Best Tekonsha Brake Controllers of 2018

Tekonsha Brake controllers are no doubt the most selling brake controllers in the market due to its wide variety of models,features and availability of products in different price ranges.In this guide we will explain about the best Tekonsha Brake Controllers that are ruling the market.


Let's get started then.

ekonsha's most selling and popular proportional trailer brake controller.Gives you an ultimate smooth braking experience.Comes with more advanced features than its predecessor Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2. Tekonsha P3 is bit costlier when you compare the price with the P2.But considering the features that it offers if you don't mind paying few extra bucks,you should definitely go for P3.

The next best thing after P3.In fact, it was all the buyer's first choice before P3 was launched.Though there is not much difference between P2 and P3,the display and overall design is a bit better in P3. Price of P2 is comparatively cheaper than P3.

A true proportional brake controller which comes with the self-leveling,hence no level adjustment is required anymore.With primary sensor technology from Prodigy it has the boost features as well to apply more initial trailer braking when towing heavier trailers.Works perfectly well in reverse for backing into tough spots.Advanced snap-in dash mounting clip and removable electrical connector to remove the controller when not in use for long time.

A proportional brake controller made for up to 4 axle trailer brake systems and comes with a lifetime warranty.This brake controller has pre-assembled wire harness for simple hookup.In addition to the Boost feature, IQ brake controller digital display shows voltage supply to trailer during braking and continual diagnostics check for proper connection.Fits easily with 1995-2009 Dodge RAM Pickups (All Models), 1997-2008 Dodge Dakota w/OEM Tow Pkg. 1998-2008, Dodge Durango w/OEM Tow Pkg. 2007-2008 Chrysler Aspen w/OEM Tow Pkg.

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