101+ Best Travel Tips that will save you Money in 2018(With Bonus Tips)

Planning for your upcoming long pending vacation?These 101+ Best Travel Tips will help you get started.In this article, we have covered every phase of travel, starting from the planning till you come back home after your long vacation.


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Planning a Trip

It all starts with a good planning.To make any trip successful you should start planning well in advance and avoid last minute rush.Here are some the useful tips and websites which will help you to get started.


If you have already selected/finalized your next travel destination, Pinterest can help you organize your itinerary. Visit this useful resource to see what are the places you can or must visit during your stay.

For example, if you are planning to visit Paris for 3 days during your next holiday, Pinterest can suggest you with a travel plan.These are some highly rich pins submitted by the real users ( Some of them are famous travel bloggers )based on their recent visits.These will give you pretty much good idea about the place, food, accommodation, transport, culture and tips based on their experience.

Best Travel Tips

#2.Trip Advisor 

Trip Advisor is an excellent resource for lots of user-generated contents.Travellers across the world share their story, their travel experience on this platform. Have a question in mind?Join TripAdvisor forum for free and ask. You will not be disappointed. Tripadvisor also support hotel booking facility.You can find some exciting hotel booking deals as well.

#3.Lonely Planet 

We are living in the age of digital marketing.Still, no can resist the touch and smell of a new book sitting in the book stand of your nearest bookstores.Lonely Planet is perhaps the largest travel guide book publisher in the world.Think of any country and Lonely Planet has a book for it.The books are incredibly detailed, and you will find every tiny bit of information with images and illustrations.You might want to grab a book of your next destination.Lonely Planet  has its mobile app.Install it, and it will serve you well during your next vacation.Lonely Planet also has a community (forum) platform for travel-related discussions.

Lonely Planet also offers hotel and flight bookings,insurance, car rental and adventure tours as well.

#4.Gather as many information as Possible(Free)

Collect as many information as possible about your upcoming travel.Read about the best time to travel, average weather during the year, winter, summer, rain predictions, food, culture and health precautions. I will explain this in detail later in this article.

Now that you have finalized your destination, here comes the two most critical tasks.Flight and Hotel Booking.

Let's start with the Flight Booking first.


Booking a Flight

Booking a flight is the most important task I would say.As it will directly impact your entire itinerary if something goes wrong.Not only this, since flight fares are very high for some locations, it might have a severe impact your travel budget.

Here are some of the proven tips used by the frequent travelers all over the world to save money.

#5.Be Annonymous-Switch to Private Browsing(Free)

Perhaps this is the most important point to remember for searching for flight.Most of the airlines and travel booking websites use advanced software to track your online search activities.This can be achieved through the help of cookie(a small file), which they store in your computer the first time you visit a particular website.

If you search for particular route couple of times to check the flight fare and timing, you will be surprised to see, how the price is going up after few searches.You might think, that this is happening because of the high demand in the route.

Where, the reality is, this price hike is happening only for you.The smart softwares are tracking your IP address and cookie files and showing high prices(by creating artificial demand, of course) to generate more revenue.

The best way to avoid this is to search or browse in private mode.Using private or incognito mode will not reveal your browsing activities.So every search will be considered as a new search.If you are not sure how to search privately, consider reading this article on search and browse privately.

#6.Use a VPN for Location Specific Deals(Paid)

This hack might call for a serious debate, but is really interesting tip.Using of VPN is just like privately, but with more added benefits. VPNs can be used to hide your actual location and make it look like you are using your system(computer) from a different location(to be more specific country). Many travelers are now using this technique to save money on flight fares.

Perhaps this example will explain  better.

You want to travel from country A to B.But the flight fare is too high. Where for the same destination B, flight fare from country C is much cheaper. 

Using the VPN services, you can make it look like that you are booking your ticket from Country C to get cheaper rate. Tripcomposer has detailed article on How to Use VPN services to save flight cost.

If you are looking for a good VPN services, you can select one from the following renowned VPN providers.

#7.How Soon You should Buy Your Tickets?

This is a million dollar question with no definite answer.Where many will suggest you to buy tickets as early as possible, some people will not consider this as a good idea.Because, airlines give the most discounted rates before 10-12 weeks only.Geeky explorer has done the analysis and come up with the Best Time to Buy the airline tickets at cheapest cost.

#8.Search for the Best Flight Deals

Start with Airlines official websites and see if they are running any special promotion at the time of your booking.Airlines run campaigns time to time where they offer discounted fares.

#9.Take the Help of Flight Comparison Websites

There are many flight comparison websites which will help you to compare the flight fares of different airlines.However,don't just follow them blindly.Because often they show higher prices to generate more revenue.

Skyscanner is one most popular and trusted flight searching website for most of the users who search online flight tickets.Besides normal flight search and comparisons they have some pretty cool features like "Try Everywhere", "Explore the Cheapest Month", "All Month Search" and others.

Here are few more travel comparison websites which you might find useful.

  • check
    Google Flights:  Neat app from Google.Simple and most easy way to search flights.
  • check
    SkyScanner:  The most popular among all flight search app/website among all.Besides normal flight search option, they really have some cool options like "Anywhere".Must check it out if you ask me.
  • check
    Kiwi: Kiwi is another flight search platform which has gained massive popularity for the last few years and is considered one of the best flight search options at this moment.
  • check
    JetRadar: JetRadar is known for including budget airlines.

#10.Check with your Local Travel Agent

Check with your local travel agents as well. Travel agents always have some added benefits and extra deal codes which they pass on the travelers.Though in most cases, they don't share this benefits with you.But you can always give it a try.

#11.Check Your Credit Cards for Best Flight Offers

Most of the Credit Card Companies like Amex, Citi Bank and others tie up with airlines or ticket booking websites and launch their exclusive campaigns.Before buying tickets, check if your credit card is running any such campaign.

#12.Best Season to Fly

Offseason has its advantages and disadvantages.But if you can strike between them, you could use it to your advantages. During the off-season, airlines offer low priced tickets due to nondemand.Also, the weather might not be at its best.So many people avoid traveling during this time.

But look at the positive side. Not only you will save a lot of money on travel tickets, but hotels and other costs also will substantially be reduced.And if you like to avoid too much crowd then you will particularly love the idea of traveling in offseason.

#13.Best Day of the Week to Buy a Ticket

There are numerous studies across many websites on this, and each site has its theory.However, the most common and proven fact is the first half of the week is the best time to buy tickets. That is from Monday to Thursday.
Ticket prices tend to be on the higher side during the weekend, because of the high demands.Many people travel between states for quick weekend escape.That leads to the increase in the demand too. In 2015, Hopper did a study and found Thursday to be the cheapest day of all.

Recently I came across a website name Flystein, who offers a price challenge to you.Meaning, whatever price you will pay or about to pay for flight, they can arrange it for much lesser price.If they don't, they will not charge you at all. 

#14.Best Day of the Week to Fly

In general, ticket prices are less on those days where people don't travel much.In this case,as explained above,these are Tuesday and Wednesday and in some cases Thursdays too.So if you are not in hurry, you can always keep this is mind when booking a ticket.

#15.Create an Email Alert

Day to day busy schedule might not let you monitor the daily flight price changes.So it is always a good idea to subscribe to the email alert services offered by the airlines or flight comparison websites.They will send you periodic and special mails in case there is a change in the flight price.

#16.Be Flexible on Your Travel Dates

Flexible dates can save you a lot of money sometimes. If you can plan your journey ahead or later date than your original date of travel,not only you can save lot of money on travel tickets, you could beat the unnecessary crowds as well.During holiday season, airports are packed with season tourists from all around the world,creating long queue in check in counters and security checking .A little flexibility will be very helpful in such cases.  

#17.Consider Alternate Routes

Always consider alternate routes as well as traveling to another location.The nearest airport from your destination is always preferred, but it comes with a price. Always try to find out, if you can take a different route and land in a different airport and take another shuttle or bus service to reach your destination.It might cost you some extra time, but if time is not a constraint for you, it can save money.

But do take note of all the expenditure like shuttle service, and other costs that you would have to incur if you take an alternate route to see if it is worthy enough.

#18.Bundle Offers

Airlines and travel booking websites often promote bundle offers all the time.That is, if you book a flight a ticket, they will offer car rental and hotels as well at attractive prices.Check these offers and see if you can save money by availing these offers.

#19.Check if buying one Ticket at a Time could be an option

If you are travelling with your family, it is a common practice to book everyone's ticket at one go.Common sense says it will save you time and money.But give it a second thought.

There is no harm in checking how much it will cost you if you book one ticket at a time.You might be surprised to see change in the total cost as well.Check this interesting article from Airfare Expert on Saving Money by Shopping for One Passenger.

#20.Check Before Buying Round Trip Ticket

Airlines and other websites always encourage you to go for a round ticket to save money.But do they actually save money?This is not correct always. Farecompare has analysed to see how different airlines have their own pricing method when it comes to book a round trip tickets.

#21.Mix and Match Airlines

If you are travelling to destination where you have to change your flight in between,see if you can save money by choosing a different airline.Means, Let's you have to travel from A to C. And you are travelling from A to B,take another flight from B to C. In this case, instead of taking the same airline flight, you can always check if there is a better option available for flying from B to C with a different airline.It might save you money to some extent.

Often, when you are taking a connecting flight of the same airline, they take you granted and charge unnecessary extra money.

However, one important thing  to make sure here is that you have sufficient time gap between the two flights.So that you have enough time to  collect your luggage and next boarding pass and for security clearance.

#22.Book Window and Aisle Seats

I have not tried this myself, but this might work.As a passenger, I will always go for either window or aisle seats.No one likes the feeling of being a sandwich by sitting in the middle seat.If you are traveling with a partner, book the window and aisle seat.It might happen no one will book the middle seat at all, And you will have an extra seat for yourself.
But...what if someone books the seat anyway.No problem...just ask him to switch the seats with you.He will do it happily.

#23.Frequent Flier Program

Sign up with the frequent flier programs offered by the airlines.Every time fly, you can earn free air miles depending on the distance you have traveled. Keep accumulating the miles, and you can redeem it for your future bookings.

Apart from the travel, you can earn air miles for shopping and dining as well, from the selected partners mentioned by the Airlines.

#24.Hidden City and Throwaway Ticketing 

This is one uncommon travel and maybe not recommended by many people.But it is always good to have an idea if you want to go for it anyway.
There is something called Hidden City and Throwaway Ticketing, where you can save money by following this tip.

#25.Keep an Eye on the Low Cost Airlines 

Try to avoid high cost airlines if not required.Extra leg space,free food, baggage are nice but they come with a price.Over the last few airlines these low cost airlines have gained significant popularity to attract more passengers.Use low cost airlines to save money.However, there are few negative points as well of Low Cost airlines, such as limited luggage allowance(no check in baggage for free),smaller permissible luggage dimension etc.In addition to this, low cost airlines mainly operate from secondary airports.

#26.Are Your Tickets Non-Refundable?

Because plans can  change at the last moment.Make sure to book a refundable air tickets so that you don't lose the entire money if you had to cancel it for some reason.Many websites are now offering a full refund for a nominal fee, which you have to pay at the time of booking a ticket. Choosing this option can save you a lot of money.

#27.Opt for a Good Travel Insurance

Do you need travel insurance?Short answer: Yes.In many countries, it is mandatory to have travel insurance which has medical coverage as well.Travel insurance is not much costly, considering, if you get sick while you are traveling, especially in abroad, you will end up paying medical bills.With a Travel Insurance with the Medical coverage, you are safe.

Additionally, you will also get benefits like coverage against expenses incurred on Passport Loss & new documentation, baggage loss at the airport, flight cancellation and delay.

Takeaway from this Section

  • check
    Always Search Flights in private mode.
  • check
    Use VPN for location specific deals.
  • check
    Don't Book too early;Don;t book too late.Try to strike a balance in between.
  • check
    Use Flight Search Engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner or Kiwi
  • check
    Flexible Travel Date and route can save you lot of money.
  • check
    Know which is the best time to buy or fly.
  • check
    Travel Insurance is a must.


Booking a Hotel/Accomodation

Now comes the second most important part of the Travel.Booking a hotel.This section will explain when, how and where from you should book your hotel.

#28.Where to Check for Good Hotels

Like Airlines search engines, nowadays, there are many hotel price comparison websites and aggregators which are extremely useful.These are some of popular websites used frequently by the travellers.

  • check
    Trivago:  Trivago searches more than 200 hotels and shows you all the best reviewed and rated hotels within your price range.
  • check
    Hipmunk: Besides the as usual hotel search functionality, Hipmunk also has mapping feature which appears side-by-side with the hotel suggestions.Its overlay “heat maps” let you see which part of the city is best for food or night life.
  • check
    Kayak: The most popular and searched by the travellers.You can also sign up for price alerts for particular hotels or dates you’re interested in traveling and staying in.If the price drops, you’ll get an immediate email notification. 

#29.Read all the Reviews Carefully

Do not book a hotel just by reading all its features and facilities the hotel is providing.Read all the reviews carefully from the people who stayed their before.You will have a better insight of the hotel.

Additionally, travellers suggest all the time what are the good places nearby to see, nice restaurants to eat, what is the some of the quickest routes to reach a particular destination.All these details help a lot to make a final decision to select a hotel.

#30.Which are the Best Websites for Booking Hotel?

Out of many travel booking websites, I personally found Booking.com and Airbnb the best.Because the range of hotels that they offer within your price range is simply unbelievable.Here are some salient features of Booking.com and Airbnb.


Booking.com is the most organised hotel booking website I have used so far.Apart from the wide range of hotel it offers,this website some of the most useful features, that will make your hotel booking process much easier. 

The website layout and interface are very much user friendly.The main hotel booking page many options for you to filter out and narrow your down to your best budget hotel.

Best Travel Tips
Best Travel Tips

Once you are inside a specific hotel page,you will see all the details of the hotels with hundred of photos uploaded by users with reviews.Not only this, Booking.com also shows the nearby popular places to visit and their distance from the hotel.This is one particular feature which I find very helpful when selecting a hotel.

Most of the hotels listed on Booking.com come with a free cancellation up to 3 days before your date of travel, so that you can book your ticket at ease and complete peace of mind.


Airbnb is mainly for those travellers, who are looking for something like home-stay or want the entire apartment for them while staying abroad.It is considerably cheaper than many hotels.But nowadays, I have seen same hotels are listed on Airbnb websites at much less price than other booking websites.

However, what I like most about Airbnb is the way they show their listed hotels.Let's have a look.

As you can see, you can see an entire map on the right side along the prices.So let's say you want to stay in Paris during your next travel, you can easily move the map to Paris and it will give you pretty much good idea about the prices.

You can easily get an idea, which part of the Paris will cost you more or less than the others.

#31.Stay Nearby Tourist Attractions

The ideal place to stay is nearby the popular tourist attractions, so that you can  visit these places easily.But let's face it, that is not always possible, because it will cost you a fortune to get a hotel at nearby location.

So the best option to stay will be within 1-1.5 mile radius of the main location. In that way,you can still be near the main location.This tip was very helpful for me when I was in Bangkok.Language is a big problem in Bangkok.And the first time I had a very difficult time explaining the auto driver our way to hotel.Once we reached the hotel, we realized it's not far from the nearby place Siam Center(One of the major city attraction is Siam.You can get SkyTrain as well as Metrol Rail also from here to go to different part of the city).And for the rest of our stay we simply walked whenever we had to go there. 

Also Walking is the best way to explore the city.So try to walk as much as possible to see the local places and learn more about it.

#32.Last Minute Booking

There are websites like Priceline’s Express Deals where you can get last minute hotel deals.If you are lucky you can get up to 60% discount on hotel booking.Though this type last minute deals are very limited and there is no guarantee that you will even get it.So take chance at your own risk.

#33.Check with the Hotels Directly

Before booking hotels from travel websites,give a call to the hotel directly and ask them about the rate that will charge during your time.If it is less than your favourite booking website, you can book your hotel room over phone only.

#34.Check if the Hotel has complimentary Breakfast Option

Many hotels provide complimentary breakfast to guests.Check if the hotel you are about to book is giving any such offer.

#35.Avoid Extra Hidden Charges

Ask at the reception if there is any more charges you should be aware of at the time of check-in only, so that it does't come as a surprise element later.

Takeaway from this Section

  • check
    Try to stay nearby tourist attractions.
  • check
    Booking.Com and Airbnb are most popular websites for hotel booking.
  • check
    Read all the reviews carefully before making a reservation.

How to do the Packing like a Pro?

Packing is the most boring part of any travel. Though, I am sure you will admit, if anything goes wrong in packing, your entire trip could turn into a mess.In this section, we will explain some of the expert packing tips for you.After reading this section, you will understand how you can pack maximum number of items within a limited space in your luggage.

#36.Don't wait till the last minute

Packing is the most boring part of any travel. Though, I am sure you will admit, if anything goes wrong in packing, your entire trip could turn into a mess.In this section, we will explain some of the expert packing tips for you.After reading this section, you will understand how you can pack maximum number of items within a limited space in your luggage.

#37.Start with a Packing Check List

NO matter, how good you are, there is always a chance that you will forget something and by the time you will realise it, you will be too late.Prepare a list of items that you are supposed to carry. And once you are done with your packing review it to see if you missed anything.

Here is one Ultimate Packing Checklist for you prepared by Kristi from I should be Mopping the Floor.

#38.Keep in mind the Airlines's Baggage Policy

Airline has their own Baggage policy.Know in advance how much you are allowed to carry in check in and cabin luggage.Extra luggage will cost you extra money.

#39.Roll Your Clothes

Role your clothes instead of folding them.It will save a lot of space.Check how Tom Ayzenberg put all his items in a single bag for his upcoming month long trip. 

#40.Use Tissue Paper for Rolling Clothes

Rolling clothes with sheets of tissue paper, or putting sheets of tissue paper between folded shirts can minimize the friction/pressure and reduce wrinkles.

#4​1.Keep Frequently used items in a separate bag

Items like charger, power banks, moisturizers are some of the everyday items people frequently use during their journey. It is a good idea to keep those items separately so that you can quickly get them when needed.

#42.Bring extra Plastic Bags,Ziplock bags for Emergency

Plastic and Zip lock bags don't weigh much but can come in handy, especially putting your dirty clothes.

#43.Carry Sample Size Bottles of Cosmetics

Do not carry full size bottle of your favourite moisturizers,shampoo. Rather go for mini sized sample bottles.You might have plenty of empty small sized bottles at your home already.Use them and get rid of extra luggage weight.

Smytten App Review-Discover Premium Products & Services- Guide to get Free Samples
This article will give you a complete review of the Smytten App and explain how you can get your first[...]

#44.Lock Your Bags Properly,Use Nametag

Lock all your baggage carefully and do not forget to put name tags. Baggage get misplaced all the time at airports.

#45.Carry Dry Fruits, Light Snacks

A great way of save money and useful during those long layover between connecting flights. Airport foods are super costly,so are the in flight foods.Always carry some light snacks and dry fruits and avoid spending extra money.

#46.Wear the Bulkiest Clothes on the Plane

This might sound like stupid advice.But think about for a minute.By doing this, not only you might be able to save some space in your luggage.It will also lighten your overall luggage weight and keep it withing allowed weight limit set by the airlines.
Once you are in the air, you can happily take it off and place it in the cabin luggage compartment or keep it on your lap.

For more suitcase packing tips, you must read Christina Guan's 16 Essential Suitcase Packing Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packing. You will get to know some new tips of packing that you might never have heard or thought before. For example- Packing Cubes was something I never heard of until I read this article.

#47.Travel Adapters

There are different types of electrical wall outlets used all over the world.So your mobile or laptop charger may not be connected other outlets.Always carry a Universal Travel Adapter when you are traveling to a foreign country.

#48.Medical Kit

There are different types of electrical wall outlets used all over the world.So your mobile or laptop charger may not be connected other outlets.Always carry a Universal Travel Adapter when you are traveling to a foreign country.

Bonus Tips & Takeaway from this Section

  • check
    Carry an Empty Bottle.Once you get past the security checking,fill it from the next drinking water zone.
  • check
    Carry a Travel or Neck Pillow for Long Journey Flight
  • check
    Travel Adapters and Power Banks are must.
  • check
    Roll your clothes while packing.
  • check
    Carry a Medical Kit.
  • check
    Be aware of Airline's baggage policy.Do not carry excess luggage.

Before You Leave

#49.Download Your Itinerary in Phone

There are different types of electrical wall outlets used all over the world.So your mobile or laptop charger may not be connected other outlets.Always carry a Universal Travel Adapter when you are traveling to a foreign country.

Even if you are carrying all the documents in hard copy format, it is always a good idea to take a backup on your phone.Google Trips is a handy app. If you are using a Google Account(Gmail) while booking flight tickets, hotel, Google Trips will consolidate all the data (Date, Hotel Name, Phone Number, Reservation Number, PNR Number, Check-in/Check-Out Date, Date of Flight and so many other things) and save on your phone.You can also download this for offline use as well.

Not only this, but Google Trips can also suggest good restaurants and nearby tourist attractions based on your locations. TripIt,Roadtrippers, and Traveler Buddy are few alternate apps.

#50.Download a offline Map(Google Maps, Here We Go)

Download Google maps for offline usage.So that, even if you have no mobile data plan, you can use it to find any location.Here We Go is another useful app for this purpose.

#51.Mandatory Vaccination

WHO has whole list of vaccinations for travellers. Depending upon which countries you are travelling,your health etc you might need to take some mandatory vaccination.For example,if you are travelling to countries like Argentina or Brazil, Yellow Fever Vaccination is must.

Consult your doctor and take guidance. 

#​52.Scan Your Passport and Other Travel Related Documents

Scan your passport, hotel and flight details and send a mail it to yourself.If you lost your passport and other documents,it can come in handy.

#53.Inform Your Neighbors/Local Police

Request your local police or neighbors to keep an eye on your house in your absence.

#54.Complete the Visa Process-Don't Rely on Visa on Arrival

There are many countries where you can get your visa upon arrival.Though it is an excellent option, but, I will suggest considering one crucial factor.
If you have a connecting flight to another location, make sure you have at least 3-4 hours of spare time.On arrival Visa Counters can get very busy sometimes, especially, if other flights have landed at the same time as yours and passengers of all those flights are also in the line of getting their visa stamped.This will be followed by long line of immigration process also.

Try to complete all the visa formalities beforehand only if possible.

#55.Stop your Newspaper and Other Subscription

Inform your newspaper supplier to stop delivering newspapers until you come back from vacation.Empty houses are easy targets for burglaries.Don't let the newspapers send them a signal that you are not home.

#56.Unplug all the Electrical Equipment

Unplug all your electrical equipment before leaving for vacation.Electrical equipment continue to draw power even when they are off but plugged in a standby mode.

Also it is always a good practice to safeguard electrical equipment against thunderstorm and lightning. Lightning could cause severe damage to electrical equipment.

#57.Check Your Foreign Currency Transaction Limit with the Credit Card Company

Check with your bank what the foreign spend limit available on your credit or debit card, and whether foreign transaction is already activated on your card or not.

Bonus Tip-Get a Schwab Bank ATM Card

Most Forex Cards will charge you for withdrawing money at ATMs when you are in a foreign country. Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account offers unlimited ATM withdrawals, Zero Foreign Transaction Fees.It is recommended by many of the travellers.And the good news is,you don't need to maintain any monthly minimum balance and neither there is any monthly fee.

#58.Do not Keep all the Money in one Places

What if you lost your wallet?Distribute all the money into multiple bags you are carrying.Even if your bag gets lost or snatched, you'll still have enough money to go to a local police station or back to your hotel.

#59.Download the Official Metro or Bus map apps

Download the official Bus or Metro Rail app of the place you are travelling.Keep yourself updated with the time table and running schedule.

At the Airport

Best Travel Tips

Image Source: Pexel

#60.Have Enough Time in Hand

At most airports, check in time starts before 2 to 4 hours of journey.Make sure you have enough time in your hand.During rush hours, there will be multiple flights travelling to different locations.So you might find yourself standing in the long queue.

There are numerous stories on how people had missed their flights due to this.

#61.Get a TSA Pre-Check for Faster Screening

Hate waiting in a long line?Everyone does.But if you are from US, no need to worry anymore.Using Transportation Security Administration(TSA) Pre check,you can speed through the security, and the best thing is you don’t need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets.

#62.Get in the Line with Business Class Passengers 

Observe the crowd.It is not difficult.Avoid standing in the same line with families or people who are not too familiar with the check-in and other airport formalities.It's not like they are doing something wrong, it is just that they need some more time than regular or frequent passengers.

Rather get in line with the Business Class people or frequent fliers.You will save a lot of time.

#63.Use the Second Washroom in the Terminal

The first terminal or the one which is nearest to the Check-in section or Boarding Gate are most likely to be crowded. Try to use the next one.It will be less crowded and cleaner.

#64.Always Carry a Pen

Keep a pen handy for the Immigration Form fiil up than searching for it at the last time.This is useful in case you are travelling to a foreign country.

#65.Do Not Exchange Money at Airport;Rather Use ATM

Never ever exchange money at airports.Due to multiple charges and expenses they have to incur to operate business at the airports,they give the worst possible exchange rates. If you really in need of exchanging money, try the ATMs rather. You will get far better exchange rates.

#66.Carry an Unlocked GSM Phone

Your cellphone carrier may not be operating in the country you are travelling.Always carry an unlocked GSM cellphone and get a local travel or tourist sim from the airport with Unlimited Data Plan.It will help you to make calls over Skype, Whatsapp or other Chat apps.Local Sim cards are very useful for getting in touch with the hotel, taxi or availing other services.

#67.Ask for Fragile Tags for Baggage

I have used this tip couple of times now and found useful and time-saving.At the Check-in Counter mention that you are carrying fragile items and ask for fragile tags(stickers).

Fragile items are carried with extra care, and usually, those are put on top of all the other luggage.Once you reach your destination, you might be able to collect your baggage much faster from the conveyor belt, because your bags are likely to be released by the ground staff first as those bags are on top of other luggage.

#68.Keep an eye on the luggage with a Tracker 

Worry about your luggage in transit?Place a GPS enabled Luggage tracker inside your bags so that you can always keep track of it.

#69.Be Ready for Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellation can ruin your entire plan.Be prepared for it.In case it happens, or if there is a chance that you will miss your connecting flight, call directly to the airline and re-book next available flight as soon as possible.Do not waste time standing in the long ticket booking line.

#70.Make use of Airport Lounges

During layover use the airport lounges to freshen up and relax.Airport lounges have almost all the facilities. You can have free wifi, complimentary meal, drinks, access to magazines and all.If you want they can also notify you when it is boarding time for your next flight.

Visa, Master Card have tie-ups with these airport lounges.Check with your credit card providers if your card has any complimentary airport lounge access.

Priority Pass in one of the most popular airport lounge programs all around the world. With a nominal membership fee, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

#71.Use Airport Wifi with Caution

Want to check your email, WhatsApp, facebook?Make use of the free wifi data. Almost all the airports now have free wifi. But take caution.Airport wifis are open network and likely to be vulnerable to security threats.Do not check any financial transaction sites like Bank Account, Credit Card unless absolute necessary.

#72.Airport Tour

Lengthy layover times?Don't just sit at the airport and get bored. Many airports nowadays offer free city tour.Check any such tour is being offered at your location.These are the list of 7 Airports with Free Layover Tours.

Bonus Tips & Takeaway from this Section

  • check
    Go for the fast checking option.Use TSA Pre Check.
  • check
    For check-in and  Security clearance,avoid getting in the same line where there are lot of family members.
  • check
    Use Airport Wifis to save date, but with caution.
  • check
    Experience the free city tour during long layovers, wherever you get the option.

During Flight

Best Travel Tips

Image Source:Pexels

#73.Use Moisturisers during long flight

Did you know that inside airplane humidity is as low as 10 percent?Which means, your skin can get highly dried out and dehydrated.Apply a night moisturizer before any flights because it’s super hydrating and there will be sufficient time for it to sink in and do its job.

#74.Drink lot of Water

Another way to stay hydrated is to drink a lot of water.Instead of asking cabin crews for water multiple times, carry an empty bottle.Once you are past the security, fill the bottle with drinking water and keep it with you all the time.

#75.Protect Your Leg space

The most common problem inside the flight.The person in front of you just uses the reclining feature and your journey turns into a nightmare.Because,there is not just enough space to stretch your legs anymore.There is something called Knee Defender, which can solve this problem.These are two small clips which will lock your tray table, so that person in front of you won't be able to recline anymore.

But here is one thing. Threre are already cases where the use of Knee Defender caused serious problems or heated arguments between passengers.Why not ask the person behind you nicely before reclining your seat?He might agree with a smile.Take the help of cabin crews as well.

Though FAA doesn't ban anything like Knee Defender type of devices, many airlines have prohibited the usage of this device inside their flights.US Airlines is one of them.

#76.Know the Best time to Use the Washroom

You might face little resistance from the cabin crews, but it is still worth trying.Have you ever noticed, even after the seat belt sign comes on, it takes at least 20-25 minutes for the flight to land?So there will be enough time in between when you actually will be needed to seat.Use this opportunity to use the washroom instead of waiting in a long queue when the plane is in mid-air.

After Landing

Best Travel Tips

Image Source: Pexel

#77.Collect You Luggage as soon as possible

Don't waste time in taking selfies or roaming here and there before after landing.Collect your luggage as soon as possible.It will save you a lot of time in your next activity, like booking a taxi in prepaid ticket counter line.

#78.Book a Taxi or Private Shuttle from the Registered Counter of Airport

Check with your hotel, if they can pick you up from the airport directly. If that is not possible and you need to take a cab, always book it from the authorized cab booking counter.This tip is very helpful, especially if are in country like India.You will see lot of random cab drivers are waiting at waving at you to take you to the hotel.But they will charge 3-4 times higher fare.

At Hotel

Best Travel Tips

Image Source:Pexel

#79.Ask if any better room is available(Free Upgrade)

There is no harm in asking it.If you are traveling in the off-season, hotel staffs will happily give you a free upgrade.

#80.Check if everything is working fine before Unpacking

Before unpacking, ensure whether everything like shower, room heater, AC, TVs are working fine.If not, bring it to the immediate attention of the hotel staffs and ask them to shift you to a better room.

#81.Don't unpack everything if not Necessary

Don't make yourself at home. Don't unpack all the stuffs unnecessary if are planning to use them all.You will be the one who will be repacking them later.And did you remember, how boring it was last time when you packed?

#82.Ask if there is a Free Wifi

Most hotels have free wifi.Why waste your mobile data, when there is a free option?Ask for the wifi password.Save the mobile data for the road trip.

#83.Seek Guidance from Hotel for Local Sightseeing

Don't just rely on your travel guide.Check with the hotel staffs,hotel reception about interesting and popular places nearby that you can visit during your stay.They will happily guide you. Ask if they a travel map available with them.If you are lucky, you might get a free one.

Best Travel Tips

Image Source: Pexel

#84.Put a Sop in the Laundry Basket

All the hotels provide complimentary toiletries.If you are not using it, put the soap bar in the laundry basket. It will keep the bad smell away from your dirty clothes.

Local Sightseeing & Transport

#85.Ask Your Hotel for Local Sightseeing

You can always book local sightseeing online.But trust me on this, you will end up paying more if you opt for this option.Because online packages are highly overpriced. Instead, ask your hotel if they can arrange for a local sightseeing tour.In most cases, these hotels have a very good connection with local tour operators, and they know which of them will be good.
They are also likely to earn a share from this by referring you a tour operator. But your overall package price will be still less.So it's a win-win scenario.

No results have been returned for your Query. Please edit the query for content to display.

#86. Avoid Dealing with Local Cab Drivers/Tour Operators Directly

If you approach them directly, not only they might misguide you, they will charge insanely higher price.I am not saying, everyone will do that,but this sort of incidents are not uncommon.
Better ask your hotel to help you on this.They will happily help you in this.

#87.Keep Your Hotel Address & Contact Numbers Handy

Always keep your hotel address and contact number with you in a piece of paper(even if you have this on your phone).While travelling outside,If you are lost you can give them a call and ask them to help you.

#88.Local Embassy Address

Get a fair idea about where your country's embassy office is, when you are visiting a foreign country.You embassy can help you a lot, in case you lose your passport or in other problems.Read this interesting thread on What can you do if your passport is lost or stolen while you're in a foreign country?

Here you can search a country specific embassy/consulate in a country.

#89.Don't Get Scammed

if you are a tourist you are an easy target.No matter which part of the world you travel,tourists often get scammed one way or another.Do a little bit of research and be aware of some of the common scam practices.It might save you a lot of money.Did you know about the Poker Scam of Vietnam or Tuktuk Scam of Bangkok before? 

Bonus Tip-Wear Decent Clothes

Some place actually require you wear decent clothes.For example,temples and monastery.You need to be properly dressed before being allowed entry to the temple.I have seen people were turned back at Emerald Palace in Bangkok, because their dressed were not appropriate.

Suggested Read: What to See in Bangkok in 3 Days

#90.Lunchtime is the best time

Lunchtimes are usually the best time to visit any place.Reason?Less crowd, less queue and you will all the time you want to explore the place at your own pace and to take photographs.

#91.Walk as much as possible

If the idea of walking doesn't bother you, walk as much as possible whenever you get a chance.Not only this will be a good exercise for you, you might explore some of the less popular but must see places.Walking is the best way to experience local culture, food, people and so many other things.And if you are into photography and like street photography, your luck couldn't be better than this.

Bonus Tip-Use Sunscreen and Put on a Sunglass

If your tour involves a lot of sun exposure,make sure you use good quality, high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin.Be very careful while choosing sunscreen, as low quality sunscreen will not do any good for your screen.Rather it will be very harmful.Always use branded good quality suncreen.

The same goes for sunglasses too.Never compromise on the quality of sunglasses.Go for the Best Quality UV Protected Sunglasses.

#92.Do not roam around at night

Save your adventure spirit for the day only.It might not be safe to roam around late night in the neighborhood.Although, this might not apply to every place you travel.Popular tourist destinations like Goa, Pattaya,Phuket or Las Vegas are known for their night life attractions.

#93. Try to Blend in

Make an effort to understand the local culture.Even if you don't understand the language,verbal signs can go a long way.Smile is one of the best ways to initiate a conversation.

#94.Spotted By Locals

Spotted by Locals is a great resource to discover restaurant, hotel & nightlife information for people who are visiting a city.And the best part is, all the information,blog posts are posted by the local people only, who know in and out of it.If you are visiting North America or Europe, this is something you should definitely check out.

#95. Try Triip.Me

Triip.Me is a website to experience customized travel .At Triip.me,local people create their own travel package and offer it to the interested travellers. Triip.Me currently has 5000+ products in 600 destinations worldwide.

#96. Yelp

Do not foregt to  download Yelp if you are visiting US.Yelp is one of the best app find the most amazing places for eating and sightseeing.

#97. Local Shopping(Come up with a souvenir list)

Traveling creates good memories. And what would be better way create good memories if not shopping?Every time I visit a new place, I always buy something that is popular or famous in that place.Explore the local market, and see what are the things tourists are buying most.If you like shopping, do a bit of research online and come up with a souvenir list.


#98.Do Not Experiment with Local Foods

Local foods might look delicious and you might be tempted as well to eat them.But do not experiment too much. Always go for the cooked foods rather than the ones which they are claiming as fresh.Keep your street food experience limited to fresh juice and light snacks only.Wash your hands as frequently as possible.Always carry a hand sanitizer with you.If you drinking soda or beer drink directly from the bottle.Try to avoid the restaurants provides glasses.If at all,you are using them, clean them again with tissue papers.Here is the Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road.

#99. Try EatWith.com

Experience authentic foods with locals. Eatwith is the world's largest community which has a presence in over 130 countries. EatWith connects local hosts with travelers who are looking for a unique dining experience.

Taking Photos

#100. Keep Extra Batteries and Memory Card

Keep Your mobile and camera batteries fully charged. Always carry extra batteries and memory cards for your cameras.You won't want to be disappointed about missing an opportunity just because your memory card is full or battery ran out of juice.

#101. Use Raw Format if you have a DSLR

If you have a DSLR, utilize it to its full potential.Set your photo format to "RAW" and start taking photos.An image in Raw format can take up to 20 MB also.

How many times did it happen to you, that you took a photo, but later when you see it, the picture is not what you wanted to capture?Or it came entirely different?Raw Photos give you the option to process it further without compromising the picture quality...something which you will never see in regular JPG pics.

#102. Take Multiple Shots of Same Scene

No matter how many times you try to click a perfect photo and wish no one else in the background will not ruin your picture, that's not going to happen. Especially during Holiday seasons, most of the tourist attractions are insanely crowded.

Question is,what can you do about it?Adobe Photoshop will come to your rescue.Take multiple shots of the same scene and let the Photoshop Remove People from Your Travel Photos.

#103. Watch out the "Photography Prohibited" Zone

Watch out for the "No Photography" Zone.Photography is strictly prohibited in some places.Before taking any photos, make sure if you are allowed to take photos.Some places clearly put up a "Photography Prohibited" sign.

After Returning Home

#104. Unpack Immediately

Yes..that boring part again.But think about those stinky smell of your clothes.Don't let it get any worse.Unpack, take out the clothes and put them into washing machines immediately.

Wrapping it Up

So how many of these tips have you followed before?I am sure, there will be hundreds of other money-saving travel hacks used by the people all the time.Why don't you share with us your best travel tip?.Hit the comment button below and let me know.

A Piece of Advise

This article will not only help you to plan your upcoming travel,but will also help you during your tour.We have covered all the To Dos and Dont's during tour,Known Scam Lists,Local Travel and Food Guide in this article. We strongly suggest you to make a bookmark of this link or save a pdf version of this guide on your smartphone.


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