Best Truck GPS 2018-with Buyer’s Guide

Using of  GPS for navigation is not a new thing anymore. Almost all the newly launched vehicles are equipped with one.But, GPS systems for trucks are bit different than car GPS systems.Since the trucks operate in a complete different manner,they have certain navigation challenges and requirements which can not be fulfilled by a GPS which is built for cars.In this article,we have come up with the list of some of the Best GPS  for Truck and Heavy Goods Vehicles. 


But before going to the list of Best Truck GPS,let's have a look what should be some of the essential features a Truck GPS must have.

What to Check Before Buying a Truck GPS

Traffic Alerts

One of the most important features.Navigating systems should be up to date with frequent changes in road and driving condition. Not only it helps drivers to be aware of the latest traffic information, but also roads under construction,detours and other delays.

Drivers must get alert of the sharp curves, steep inclines or narrow roads ahead.Lane assist is another great feature that many GPS units are coming with.Lane assist suggests the best lane to take while travelling on highways.As a result, drivers are prepared in advance of exits or turns. Common feature like weather-related data to provide current and future weather reports is also an important feature to look for.

Detailed Map

GPS units should be loaded with detail mapping functionalities.Nowadays,many GPS units have the option to download the entire map of any region (US,Canada) for easy and quick navigation.True navigation systems provide truckers with the most optimum routes on entering starting point and destination in the GPS unit.

Mapping features also comes with verbal street name and turn-by-turn directions.If you happen to miss any turn,re routing option suggests the driver to take the next best and closest route.Not only this,GPS unit calculates the estimated fuel costs that for the journey and informs the drivers ahead of the journey.Drivers can also plan routes containing multiple stops or maintain information concerning preferred routes according to their choice. Fleetmatics, Garmin and Rand McNally are known to be some of the most accurate mapping systems in the world.

Effective Fleet Management

Very helpful for the fleet owners or managers.This single feature gives fleet owners to plan and organise in multiple ways.

Owners will be able to monitor the activities like start and stop time of vehicles,their location at any point of time by sitting in their fleet base station only.Communication with customers and clients becomes much easier.You can easily inform them in advance pick up or delivery time by keeping an eye of vehicle location and calculating estimated time of arrival(ETA).

Fleet management also helps in assessing performance of the drivers by going through various performance measuring parameters like how many stops they took,Wait time in each stop, if they arrived at destination in the correct time, if they took the best route and others.Not only this, in case of vehicle theft, it would be an easy job to track the vehicle locations and movements.

Fuel Savings

Fuel cost is a critical factor in Trucking Business.Fuel cost varies in every state due to state tax and other surcharges.Not only this,Gas stations are not easily available in all the places ,especially if you are on highways you might notice the next available fuel station is miles away when you need to load it in your gas tank immediately.

GPS units informs drivers in advance the fuel stops you will find during the journey and how much it will cost you.GPS units are now more technologically advanced that it can alert  when you are losing too much fuel because of the exceeding optimal speed limit,when your engine is running even in the long waiting time in signals.It can also track your truck planned maintenance needs,so that you never miss any.

Trip Logging

GPS units informs drivers in advance the fuel stops you will find during the journey and how much it will cost you.GPS units are now more technologically advanced that it can alert  when you are losing too much fuel because of the exceeding optimal speed limit,when your engine is running even in the long waiting time in signals.It can also track your truck planned maintenance needs,so that you never miss any.


GPS units equipped with modern technology like WiFi, Bluetooth have an edge over the other available GPS units.Drivers can easily give their instruction to the GPS units through microphone or speakers without keeping their eyes of the road.Smart devices like mobile phone,DVD players or cameras which work as an additional accessories can easily be attached to the GPS units through inputs ports.

Choosing the Right Route

Trucks are restricted to enter into many lanes or flyovers based on their height, weight, length and cargo of the vehicle.Truck GPS needs to capture this restrictions and pass this to the driver in the timely owner so that they can avoid those restricted lanes and do not have to pay huge fines for violation of any rules.

Driver Friendly Features

GPS systems made for commercial vehicles have many driver assist features like location of a repair and towing services, truck stops, weigh stations, eateries, lodging, rest stops and other useful data. In case of emergency and where medical attention is required immediately, address related to health care facilities, law enforcement agencies and other emergency services also become very useful.

Size,Design,Screen Resolution

GPS units come in many different sizes with screen resolution of VGA to High Definition.screen sizes vary from four to eight inches which is perfect for installing on the dashboard for easy access of the driver.When not in use, you should be able to detach it from the dashboard and keep it some other place.

Best Truck GPS

Here is the list of Best Truck GPS that we have come up with after going through thousands of reviews,analyzing features and performance of the products.

With 7 inches display,Lifetime maps of North America, plus lifetime HD Digital Traffic,Custom truck routing for the size and weight of your truck,Route warnings, including sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits, steep grades and many more features Garmin dezl 770LMTHD is no doubt the best truck GPS available in the market.

With more than 100 positive reviews from users and variety of features Garmin Dzel 570 LMT is something which every truck owner would like to have in this truck.

The best one from Rand Mcnally with a massive screen size of 8 inches, built in dash cam and many other features.It is pre loaded with applications for Accounting, Document Imaging, Load Board & Fuel Manager For Business Purposes.Additionally, you will get applications for entertainment, news & email as well.

The TomTom Trucker 600 is a dashboard-mounted GPS system specially optimized for the needs of the trucking industry. Unlike a standard GPS it tracks critical information regarding road height, overpass height, and commercial carrying restrictions. It runs on TomTom’s custom software, where truckers can input the size and weight of their vehicle, along with the sort of cargo being carried.Trucker 6000 automatically displays the potential problems like and low overpasses to residential neighborhoods where such vehicles are prohibited along with route around toll roads, as well as refueling or check-in spots on the way.

Extremely light weight- 11.3 ounces and with 6.1 inch touchscreen. The dezlCam LMTHD magnetically attaches to an adjustable mount for easy removal.Can be easily accessed while simultaneously serving as a dash cam. This GPS units runs on a 12-volt power supply, but also includes a rechargeable battery which can store up to half an hour's navigation power.

Wrapping it Up

Every year hundreds of new models are being launched by the manufacturers.Not necessarily, each one of these will be better than its previous models.There is no point in spending extra bucks, just because it has 1 inch bigger screen.Make sure you don't get caught by the catchy headlines.Determine what your requirements are and select the perfect GPS device within your budget range.

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