Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals- A Complete Guide

In this guide, we will talk about Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals.

If you have been a shopper of Amazon Black Friday sales of the previous years, you will know for sure that Amazon is completely different from other Black Friday retailers.Unlike many retailers, Amazon doesn't have an offline or brick-and-mortar store location where you can go and buy things physically on Black Friday.Also, it doesn't release any print ad for the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year like Walmart.
Instead, Amazon comes up with new deals every hour starting the week of Black Friday.
If you think, it is difficult to plan for Black Friday without this ad, think again.Amazon offers more deals than any other websites online.Had it started publishing sales ad, it would be of hundred pages.
Amazon offers terrific "Countdown to Black Friday" deals starting November 1 as well as mind-blowing Cyber Week deals.


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Black Friday 2017-Complete Shopping Guide

We have created an epic list of all the Black Friday Deals on Amazon which will be starting from Phone, TVs, appliances. Gaming consoles, Kindle and Amazon Alexa products as well.

Let's have a look.

Amazon Black Friday 2018 predictions

Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals are not out yet, but we've come up with our own predictions for this year's deal.

Amazon is likely to offer major Amazon Echo Deals in Black Friday 2018 as well.Amazon is already offering discounts on the Alexa products, and new Echo devices are getting launched frequently.The all new Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) with Dolby sound was released just before the Black Friday Season on 31st October 2017 and was available for Pre-Order with exciting offers.Expect a lot Alexa deals and discounts on the Amazon Alexa products this year as well.

Microsoft  released Xbox One X just before the Black Friday Deals, precisely on 7th November last year.Expect a lot of discount on the current Xbox One S along with free games during Black Friday and Amazon deals.Xbox One S is still the entry level gaming console from Microsoft and Microsoft would want to offload most of the Xbox One S as much as possible before the new model hits the market fully.

Kindle Paperwhite is the ebook reader from Amazon that is quite popular among the book lovers, and it is no surprise that Amazon always offers excellent deals throughout the year, especially during the holidays. Expect to get a cheaper rate in 2018 Black Friday Sale as well.

If you have to choose one product that you believe became most popular in 2018,it will be definitely 4K TVs.While Amazon always offers special discounts and deals on TVs every year black Friday, you will see some amazing deals on TVs especially on 4K TV sets with HDR.Check More Amazon Black Friday 4K TV Deals here.

Samsung Galaxy S8 ,Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 are the  most selling Android smartphones in the market right now from Samsung.In fact, Galaxy S8 offered so many awesome deals since it was launched in the market last year. Surprisingly, we didn't see such offers on Note 8 last year.But you might see some mind-blowing deals in the upcoming Black Friday.

#6.iPhone 7,8 and X

iPhone 8 and X just hit the market just before the Black Friday season.So there was not much deals on these items during last Black Friday.This year you might see some deals on these items as well. If you are expecting a deal on previous generation phone like iPhone 6 and 7 you might be in luck. Prices are supposed to be slashed during the upcoming Black Friday Sale, and you could easily grab one for you.

As mentioned earlier, Black Friday is the most popular event to pick up a new TV, and 4K is no doubt the current hot product. It's certain that Amazon will use this day as an opportunity to push its 4K-ready Fire TV streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote and TV stick.

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2018-What You need to know

If you see the 2016 Black Friday Amazon Sale stats, you can easily make few quick guesses,how the deal is going to be this year as well.It requires no-brainer that, that Amazon will offer great discount on its in-house products like Echo and Echo Dot speakers, Fire stick, Fire tablets and Kindle e-Readers.But apart from these, these are some of the items where Amazon gave huge deal on last Friday.So it will be a good idea to look at the 2017 Amazon Black Friday Deals as well.

Amazon 2017 Black Friday Deals Flashback

These are some of the popular Amazon Black Friday Sales item last year.

Amazon PS4 Black Friday deals - Amazon PS4 Black Friday deals - the newer PS4 Slim console is bundled with Uncharted 4- Sony's video game system which has a 500GB hard drive and comes with free games worth $250.

Amazon Xbox One/One S Black Friday deals - Amazon Xbox One X was still a concept last year, So most of the Xbox deals were for One S console with game like Gear of War 4 at $250.

Amazon Black Friday laptop deals - MacBook Pro was offered at $100 less along with loads of other Computer deals in 13 inches, 15 inches or Retina Display enabled laptops.

Amazon Black Friday headphone deals - Do not forget about amazing deals on the headphones offered by Amazon during Black Friday. Headphones like Beats Solo3 was sold at $80 off during last year Black Friday.

Amazon Black Friday Camera deals - Canon DSLR and GoPro action cameras were on during last Black Friday. While Canon 80D EOS camera experienced a major $400 price slashed to just $1,399 on Amazon. Go Pro Cameras were also on a deal of $100 off.

Amazon Black Friday Smartphone deals - If you are waiting for a budget Android phone, Black Friday will be the right time to buy it. Moto G4 32GB became as affordable as $139. This year the offer will be extended to Moto G5 Plus and other smartphones as well.

Amazon Black Friday Smart Home deals - Amazon Echo was a popular product during Black Friday last year.Many buyers got a flat $40 discount on Amazon Alexa products. This year too it is expected that Amazon Echo Show to go on sale with improved specs and new products.

Amazon Black Friday TV deals -Be it 40 inches or 55 inch; Amazon has superb Black Friday Deals on Smart Televisions.This year has been great for the 4K TV with HDR products so far. So just like the last year Black Friday where LG 55-inch 4K OLED was available for $1,797 and the Samsung 40-inch UN40KU6300 model at a very affordable $347, expect a better deal on 4K TVs during the upcoming Black Friday.

Amazon Black Friday Apple Watches and Fitbit deals -Fitbit and Apple Watches will continue to offer the same discount as it did during the last year sale, especially on older Apple watch series which were more than $70 less.

Amazon Black Friday Deals 2018-Buyer's Guide

Amazon deals can get over very quickly as thousands of people will be waiting for these deals and will start buying as soon as it starts.So how can you make sure you never miss any such deal and special offers.Here are few proven steps that you must definitely follow:

#1.Subscribe to Amazon Prime for Black Friday

Amazon Prime Subscription is absolute must especially for the Black Friday Sales.If you have an Amazon Prime Subscription you are already ahead of many people on the day of Black Friday.Why?Because Amazon Prime users get additional benefits like free two-day shipping and exclusive deals that are only offered to Amazon Prime Members.Not only this, you will also get privileged and first access to the Lightning Deals, which ends pretty fast. 

These are some major advantages of Amazon Prime Subscription.

  • Free Two Hours, Same Day or 2 Days Shipping.
  • 30 Minutes early access to lightning deals.
  • Enjoy free instant access to video streaming to Amazon Original Series and so many other videos at no extra cost to you. 
  • More than Two Millions ad-free songs.
  • Unlimited Reading to Any E books in any device offered by Kindle.
  • Free Gaming contents every month with additional deals and discounts coupon.
  • Free Unlimited Photo storage
  • 5% Cash Back with Prime Credit Card every time you do a shopping.

#2.Keep an eye on Amazon Lightning Deals

Just like the name says, Amazon Lighting Deals are lightning fast in a sense that they finish as soon as they start. Because people claim these deals almost instantly.

But as a Prime Member you can get access to these deals 30 minutes earlier than it opens for Non Prime members.

#3.Bookmark your Favorite Products

Make a list of the products that you are interested in buying during Black Friday. You can either bookmark this product pages in your web browser or add them in your cart.When the day comes, simply open the bookmarked pages or cart and go for the payment with a deal.

#4.Keep Your Card Details Saved or Ready

Many of you might not be ok with this, but this is still an option.Amazon has the option to save your card details for future quick payment (off course you will not save your CVV or pin details and yes it is safe and secure). It might be super useful especially during the Lightning Deals.

#5.Use Amazon Money

If you don't like the option.You can load some money into Amazon Wallet in advance for easy and quick payment.

Wrapping it Up

Though Amazon has its own Prime Discount Sales, but Black Friday always offers something new.So if you are looking for some special deals and discount Amazon should be in your favorite and must visit online shopping destination. You will get the offer extended till Cyber Monday as well.

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