Electric Brake Controllers-The Complete Guide

Imagine a train having 8-10 compartments attached.What will happen, if all of a sudden the driver has to hit the brake?Only the first engine compartment will stop when the rest of the compartments are still in motion.Result...Either rest of them will collide with each other or they will get derailed.But that doesn't happen right?


Because,the moment brake is applied by the driver,same pressure is distributed to other compartments as well.

Unfortunately,the story is not the same for a log truck or a truck towing a trailer with it.You simply can not brake your vehicles because of those extra weight behind your vehicle.Otherwise it will simply flip over.

This happened sometimes back in Los Angeles.where the guy in the above images is lucky to be survived without any injury, even after his truck towing caravan spins out of control and flips over on the motorway,you might not be that lucky.

Fortunately, there is a solution for that.Electric Brake Controller.

Keep reading as we are about to explain all about Electric Trailer Brake Controllers and How they work.

Trailer Brake Controllers Explained

Brake Controllers are available in many models based on their style,how many brakes they can power up to,but these are mainly categorised into two types.Proportional and Time Delayed.

Proportional Brake Controllers

Proportional Brake Controllers are powered by Motion Sensing device which is used detect a vehicle's speed.It determines how fast or low a vehicle is slowing(stopping) and applies trailer's brakes with the same intensity as soon the brake is slammed by the driver.if the truck is stopping quickly, the trailer will stop quickly; if the truck stops slowly, the trailer will stop slowly as well.

It also has the option to adjust the initial breaking power or pressure depending on the Vehicle's weight,how much weight one is carrying and braking preferences of the driver.

Electric Brake controllers are also popularly known as Pendulum Brake Controllers. This is because the devices follow the principle of a pendulum and use its position as a motion-sensor device.On a normal or plane ground, the pendulum will point straight down to the ground as there is not much motion.The sensor will not send any signal to the trailer's brake.

Where as the vehicle moves,the pendulum will point towards the rear of the vehicle and as soon the brake is engaged it will shift forward,sending a signal to the trailer brake how much power or pressure to be applied.

Time Delayed Brake Controllers

The way a time delayed brake controller works is much more different than a proportional brake controller.It puts a pre-determined amount of power to the trailer's brakes when the truck stops.Both intensity (power output) and rate of application (sync) can be determined beforehand.With this type of controllers there will always be a delay between the time the brake is actually applied and the trailer brake reaches its desired output(brake pressure).However, this length of the delay can be adjusted with a sync switch.

In case of proportional brake controllers both the braking systems function at the same time so the wear is much less compared to the time delayed brake controller.However, the cost of installation and installation process is much  less in case of time delayed brake controllers.

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