How Grammarly Makes Content Writing an Easy Job

How Grammarly Makes Content Writing an Easy Job

Nobody likes spelling mistake or grammatical error in content writing.Not only it looks bad to see a lot of spelling and grammatical error in an article but also it creates a negative impression in the mind of a reader .


Many times we make small mistakes unknowingly.For example, like putting a comma when it is not required, or not putting a comma when it is actually required.Silliest mistakes do happen even after you put a lot of effort in proofreading your contents.

This is where Grammarly becomes helpful and it can help you in rectifying those errors at the real time when you are actually writing an article.You  can also do this later also once you are finished with your article.

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Let’s take an example.

“I am wiriting an icnorrect setnecen ineteninaolly to sowh you hwo it wroks“.

You can see how it has detected the spelling mistakes and come up with the correct words on its own.Now all what you have to do is to click and select the correct words from the right panel and it will automatically replace the incorrect words with the correct one.

Other than the spelling mistakes, it also checks for wordiness, incorrect use of modifiers, plagiarism,passive voice and other grammatical has also contextual spell checker, which catches commonly confused words like “their” vs. “they’re”.But to get all these features you will need to purchase a premium account.

You can also use Grammarly when you are writing an email, posting a status message in Facebook or making a tweet.If you are using Google Chrome, you will need to install a small extension in your browser.You can download it from here.

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