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Best Selfie Sticks 2017-Buyer’s Guide

If people are crazy nowadays about one thing....what do you think it is?Yes..you got it right...Selfie. Ever since the selfie trend has started ,millions of selfies are clicked and uploaded everyday on all over the social media.All you need is a good selfie camera and you are ready to go.You don't even have to ask other people to take a good picture of you anymore.


But sometimes.....

​Even the best selfie phones are not enough.Because you are in a large group and you want everyone in your selfie(rather group selfie),but you just can't get everyone in the frame because you are holding it too close.Same goes for when you want to capture a beautiful scenic background but you can't get the most of it because your phone is not able to capture those in the frame.

Only if you had a solution for this....

The answer is a selfie stick.This portable metal mono pod would do all these things just fine.Not only the selfie obsessed young generation, even the professional photographers find it extremely useful and consider it as an alternative of their heavy tripods,especially when they are doing mobile photography.

Messi with Selfie Stick

Here we have come up with a list of Best Selfie Sticks after analysing the product features and going through thousand of product reviews from the buyers.

But Before that....

Let's have a look at the characteristics that you must consider before buying a selfie stick.

5 Important Characteristics of a Perfect Selfie Stick

How does it matter?After all, it's just a small metal stick..you just stick to your camera and start shooting.But if you search on Amazon or other websites you will get hundred varieties of selfie sticks loaded with multiple features.And at a first glance,it would be really difficult to understand which one will be the best for you.

The best way to determine is to go through the five most important characteristics: Camera Compatibility and Mounts; Length (folded length and total reach); Strength (build quality and load capacity); Remote Control Capability; and last but not the least, Specialized Purposes or Accessories, such as mirrors, secondary mounts, or even underwater capability.

#Mount,Capability and Adjustability

Selfie sticks have a mount to hold your smartphones.This mount can be adjusted according to the size of the phones so that it can hold the phones securely and does not drop off.Most of the selfie sticks have 180 degree angle adjustability which means you can rotate your phone in multiple angles as per your need.Make sure, you read the product descriptions and go through all the different models to ensure that the selfie mount,size is compatible for your phone.

#Length -Folded and Total Reach

Selfie sticks should be super portable so that you can easily carry it around.When folded, it should easily fit in your backpack and not take much space.Standard Selfie sticks are about 8-9 inches in length when they are folded so that you can easily put it in your backpack, purse or even in your pocket.Another important thing to consider s the total reach of the stick.There are cases, when you would like to extend far far away from your body to get a perfect selfie or especially group selfie, when you want all your buddies in your pic.Make sure your selfie stick is at least 30-40 inches of length for such cases.

#Strength (build quality and load capacity)

Why are we even telling you this...off course it has to be of a good quality.You will be mounting your high priced smart phone it after all.You don't want some cheap quality selfie stick which has a high chance of getting broken after very few times of usage only.What if it breaks your phone too..So it is not a bad idea to spend few extra bucks and go for a good quality selfie stick.

​Among the other features, it has to be lightweight but strong enough and must be having a good handle grip rather than a slippery metal bar.

#Remote Control Capability

Selfie stick is not just a metal stick;it also works as a remote control.Selfie stick comes with a button within it which acts as a communicating medium with your smart phone.You have to press the button on the selfie stick to capture a photo or record a video.But before that, you have to connect it with your smartphone.

Selfie sticks come in two varities.One is Bluetooth or wireless, another with cables with 3.5 mm jack.The cable connects into smartphone's headphone port.In case of the Bluetooth version, all you need to do is to pair it with your smartphone.

There are both pros and cons of having a bluetooth selfie stick.At one side, bluetooth sticks look more stylish but at the same time it also requires power, needs to be charged from time to time.Usually Bluetooth sticks have micro USB port in the handle bar which is used to connect the cable for charging (cables are included in the package).Battery lifes are not that good and in case you forget to charge it on time, it might ruin your selfie plan.

Cable based selfie sticks are relatively easier to use, but there is one small issue.You don't get the pic capture sound in it (But now there are many customisation settings available which takes care of this issue).

#Specialized Purposes or Accessories

Selfie sticks also come with additional optional accessories like belt clips, mirrors, flip-lock extensions. Each has its specific functionalities, like with mirror you can position yourself better and even use the rear view camera to take high def selfies.Also, some selfie sticks also come with functions like zoom and focus control built in the handle to take close up shots.

Now, let's take a look at the some of the best selfie sticks in the market.

5 Best Selfie Sticks that you should definitely check

#1.iStabilizer ISTMP01 Smartphone Monopod

Specially made for iphone models but also goes with any android smartphone.This extremely light 90mm long stick is made of airplane graded aluminium and  comes with a removable Tripod adapter.

iStabilizer ISTMP01 Smartphone Monopod

#2.Noot Built-in Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

Noot is a wired selfie stick, means ,you have to connect it to your headphone port.This plug-and-play, battery free monopod will help you taking more steadier selfies by reducing the shaking and vibrations, especially in zoomed in mode.The product is 90 cm long, can hold any smartphone that has a width between 5.6-8.5 cm.

#3.Mpow Bluetooth Selfie Stick, iSnap X Extendable Monopod with Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Mpow is renowned brand when it comes to selfie stick.All the Mpow products come with an amazing 18-month warranty & 45 days money back offer.You can get lifetime technical support for the product you buy.

#4.AnkerSelfie Stick (With Extendable wire handheld Monopod)

Another good selfie stick for android and iphones.But this one doesn't support windows phone.Also comes with free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service and over 99% positive feedback from users.

#5Anker Bluetooth Highly-Extendable and Compact Handheld Monopod

This premium quality bluetooth selfie stick in 29 inches long and comes with an amazing 20 hour long battery life.

Some more good selfie sticks:

  • CamKix Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote for Smartphones.
  • Polaroid Camera Extender Self Portrait Handheld Monopod.
  • XSories Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0 -Telescoping Selfie Stick.
  • Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro with Built-In Remote for Apple & Android.
  • Fugetek FT-568 Professional High End Alloy Selfie Stick.

Final Word

While sefie sticks are fun and easy to use, sometimes taking selfies lead to unfortunate accidents and deaths as well.In many places like disneyland taking selfie itself is not allowed. We suggest you take extreme caution.

Now about selfie sticks. While both types of selfie sticks are good, we recommend you to go for a wired one.Just make sure, that the selfie stick is compatible with your phone.Read the reviews from other buyers and ask question in case you have any query.Some selfie sticks also require you to install additional softwares.Generally these softwares are especially built for taking selfies and give better results than your inbuilt camera software.