Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electric Brake Controller-Complete Review

In this post, we will do a complete review of Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electric Brake Controller-which is considered as most selling and popular brake controller at this moment.


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A good trailer brake controller is not just a necessity or taking extra measure for your towing truck anymore.It is a now legal requirement in many countries as well.

With so many options to choose from buyers often get confused what brake controllers to buy,how much they should invest for it.There are so many popular brands like Tekonsha,Reese,Hopkins available in the market.People often debate on the features of all the trailer brake controllers,how they are different from each other.But they surely agree on this that Tekonsha is their first choice when it comes to a good trailer brake controller.

Here is the complete review of Tekonsha P3 Proportional trailer brake controller-one of the most popular and selling electric brake controllers available in the market.

Overview of Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electric Brake Controller 

Tekonsha P3 is the most favourite electric trailer brake controllers among all the other brands available in the market.This proportional trailer brake controllers is fully loaded with some of the features which is not available in any other trailer brake controller.This is the reason the product is considered a bit costlier than other products as well.But every cent you pay for this product is actually worth it.

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Features of Tekonsha P3 Eletric Brake Controller 

Let's start with the key features.

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    5 storable setting options:Upto 5 different settings can be stored.Forget about changing the settings every time.This can be used by  different vehicles from time to time.Just attach your brake controller in the vehicle you choose.Also very helpful, if the same trailer truck is used by multiple drivers and each has his own settings preference. Just select your pre-configured settings and you are good to go.It can store display settings, brake type, language preferences, and desired boost level and power levels
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    Easy-to-read LCD display:There are many controllers in the market which are very difficult to read under the direct sunlight because of their low quality LCD screen.This feature is very important.Imagine, you are driver in an afternoon in extreme bright sunlight condition with heavy load in your trailer,and you are not able to keep a close eye on your brake controller.It will be as good as not having a brake controller.
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    Easy access to all P3 features:It has all the four buttons attached in the front side of the controller.So that you can access it very easily.
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    Easy to Understand diagnostics:Continuous check to alert you of any upcoming or potential problems that you could face in the controller.The diagnostics show output current, battery, brake, and output voltage.There is also a flashing red light to inform the driver if there is No Trailer Brake situations.
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    Multi Language screen information display:Tekonhsa P3 Brake controllers supports 3 different languages.English,French and Spanish.You can also select your favourite colour from Pink / White / Blue / Light Blue / Cyan /Green / Light Green / Orange / Magenta.Select the best colour which you are comfortable to read.
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    Boost Functions for customized braking:Tekonsha P3 has 3 boost levels B1,B2 and B3to adjust the initial braking force.With Each level the sensitivity of the inertial sensor increases and so is the braking power.This can be explained with an example.With no boost level the brakes starts out  at zero,but in B1,B2 and B3 it starts out at 13% and 25% respectively and the deceleration increases.Both B2 and B3 are set as a 25-percent boost in initial power.But braking force or pressure will be more in B3.
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    Compact Design:Tekonsha P3 is very well designed compared to the Prodigy P2  and doesn't take much space in your truck.  
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    Integrated Plug and Play port:For 2 plug adapters,Tekonsha has the plug and play wiring harnesses that plug into most make and model years of trucks.Most of the modern trucks nowadays have factory tow package.All you need is to buy  a vehicle-specific wiring adapter.One end of the custom adapter will plug into your vehicle, and the other end  will plug into the controller. 
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    Supports up to 4 braking axles: and designed for use with electric or electric-over-hydraulic trailer brakes.

Where You Should Consider using Boost Functions?

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    If the Trailer weight is less than tow vehicle, then no boost is required.But if you decide to let the trailer braking to lead the tow vehicle's brake functions then boost will be required.
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    If you are towing an empty trailer
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    If your  tow vehicle performance has degraded.f the controller.So that you can access it very easily.

Installation of Tekonsha P3 Electric Brake Controller

Installation is pretty much straight forward and simple.Most of the trucks are now equipped with factory tow package.For this,Tekonsha has the option of  plug and play wiring harnesses that plug into most make and model years of trucks.All you need is proper wiring harnesses that is fit for your vehicle.

With this,One end of the custom adapter plugs into your vehicle, and the other end plugs into the controller.An included Snap-in mounting clip makes it easy for the users to remove and store the control when not in use.

Tekonsha P3 also has the self levelling feature which means brake controller will also work even in the steep hills or mountains.Tekonsha P3 also has the self levelling feature which means brake controller will also work even in the steep hills or mountains.Unlike the old days brake controllers where physical and analog type sensors were used,Tekonsha P3 used digital G-sensors.physical and analog type sensors  get the signal from a physical pendulum.For this reason,brake controller either would send a weaker current to the brakes or sometimes no signal at all.Digital sensors are much accurate in this case.

Additional Features

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    During long stop or halt,P3 automatically reduces the power output and prevents the brake controller from overheating.
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    It uses only 3.6 milli amps of battery power when the controller is not in use.Hence huge savings and longevity of battery life.
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    While backing the trailer you can cancel the boost functionality for a period of 3 minutes simply by pressing the boost button continuously for 5 seconds.

What is the Major difference between Tekonsha P3 90195 and Tekonsha 90885 Prodigy P2

There are two small but significant differences between P2 and P3.

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    Buttons and display on the P3 controller looks for classy and stylish.Apart from this,the menu option on the display allows a user to switch between the two systems i.e electric brakes and electric over hydraulic brake systems.P2 also has the same feature,but you have to select the mode in a different way because the display is bit different.
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    The display in P3 is much more user friendly as it display uses actual words for setup and troubleshooting using flashing red picture rather than showing complex error code as shown in P2.In P2 user has to go back and refer to the user manual to understand the meaning of the code.
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Final Words

Tekonsha is now almost 10 years in the market and still continues be the best brake controller.For easy installing,user friendly display and innovative digital sensor makes it most selling brake controllers.If you are about the purchase a trailer brake controller and undecided between P2 and P3 we wil highly recommend you to pay a few extra bucks and go for the Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electric Brake Controller for the best brake performance and smooth riding experience.

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