Top 10Useful Car Accessories that You Must Have in Your Car

10 Useful Car Accessories that You Must Have in Your Car

Own a car?or Just bought your brand new dream machine?Here is the list of  top 10 Cool car accessories and gadgets that you must have for your ultimate comfort and safety.


#1.Anti-gravity Battery

MICRO-START is the Number 1 rated Jump-Starter launched by the  Antigravity Batteries.The XP-10 300 amp (600 amp max) lithium ion portable jump starter and power pack from Antigravity Batteries has dual USB connections, 12 and 19 volt DC outputs, battery clips, an LED light, and a 4 in one common cell phone charging cable. It's all housed in a text book sized case

#2.Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

You surely have experienced this before.We all did.How annoying it is when you put your cellphone in your car seat and it just finds the gap and go inside.Drop Stop is the solution for this.This patented car seat gap filler blocks that extra unwanted space that you always wanted to get rid off.

#3.Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflator with Hose for Standard Tires

Got a flat tire in the middle of a highway?Next Car repair shop is 20 miles away?No need to worry if you got Fix a Flat.

#4.Steering Wheel Laptop Desk

Talking on your phone while driving is dangerous.Guess what is more dangerous?Working  in your laptop while driving.No, this is not a revolutionary technology which will help you to work while driving.Rather this is a useful accessory which you could use to finish your presentation in the car parking or basement,sitting in your car.

#5.WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion

Very helpful for those who spent long hours in driving everyday.This product is very popular among truck drivers.Its patented Column-Buckling Gel extreme comfort and is helpful for them who is suffering from hip pain.

#6.Digital Tire Pressure 5 in 1 Kit

Your most reliable travel gadget.It is 5 in 1 digital pressure gauge,Emergency Seat Belt Cutter, and Pop-out Window Hammer, and LED Flashlight to use in case of any emergency.Portable and easily fits into your backpack or glove box.

#7.Trademark’s Plaid Electric Blanket

Driving in chilly winter can be challenging.Thankfully there is something which might come in handy.This blanket with LED Indicator Light on plug (Use with Any 12 Volt Power Outlet) automatically maintains a warm comfortable temperature.Very helpful for long trips.

#8.Rain-X 800002243 Glass Treatment

Get clear visibility even in heavy rain or snowfall.This gel gently removes all the snow and other heavy residue, dirt from windscreen and improves wiper blade performance.

#9.Car Dashboard Sticky Pad

Don't let your mobile or other items fall on the car floor from your dashboard.Use this sticky pad to hold your mobile,cds, and pretty much everything.Can easily be stuck almost on any surface.It can also be used in kitchen or office use.

#10.Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow

For the ultimate comfort when you are not in the driver's seat in the long trip.Some cool features like Contoured design,Cooling System makes it the best neck comforter in the market.Comes with a high quality travel bag to compress the size to the half of its original size,thus making it very easy to carry around.

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